For Hindu Political Empowerment, in and of the US
Wilmington, DE 19808

Hindu Congress of America.


In the age of modern day nation states, where participatory democracy and rule of law are the defining features of a civilized society. It requires that the citizenry elect officials who preside over the governmental bureaucratic machinery to formulate, reformulate or abolish existing policies. In such an environment, representation in the policy making is vital for all groups who are contributing members of society to safegaurd their  interests. Hindu Congress of America was formed with this simple premise in mind.

Hindu Congress of America is an Organization which works for highlighting the issues of Hindus living in the United States. Though founded in 2016, the members of HCA were already active members of the Hindu Community and already playing a prominent role in the political, social and cultural life of the Hindu Society in US.

To crystallize their ideology and to channelize the work in a productive force ,these members decided to start the Hindu Congress of America.

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