November, 9th 2016

Houston, TX


Hindu Congress of America (HCA) would like to convey heartiest congratulations to President-elect Mr. Donald J. Trump on his win in the Presidential elections of 2016. We would also offer congratulations on equal note to Gov.Mike Pence who was on the ticket with Mr. Trump as his Vice-President.

It fills our hearts with immense joy to see Mr. Trump successfully win the Presidential race and bring to fruition our support to him. This win is a demonstration of the trust that the Hindu community of America invests in the leadership of Mr. Trump.

HCA hopes that Mr. Trump is successful in bringing together all the people and fulfils all the constructive work he has planned ahead during his tenure. We are fully confident about the abilities of Mr. Trump to guide the country into an era of unprecedented development, where the potential of this country is fully harnessed.

As well-wishers and supporters of Mr. Trump, we at the HCA would like to let Mr. Trump know that he shall always have our full support and co-operation in all future endeavors. We look forward for Mr. Trump and Gov.Pence to assume office in January and lead this great country on a path of progress, advancement and peace.

As Hindus in this great country, we would like to work together for the betterment of all Americans. We also pledge our co-operation in any cause that works towards fulfilling the aspirations and hopes of the American populace irrespective of any race, religion, sex or any other division.

As the 45th President of the USA, HCA would like to wish you the greatest possible success in your role as President of America and hope that you always follow the path of Dharma.

Shourie Bannai
Shourie Bannai

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