HOUSTON, Texas – A Muslim owner of a Texas Dairy Queen restaurant, located southeast of Houston in the city of Kemah, posted signs outside his store comparing Hindus to monkeys.

“Hindus don’t follow any limit or law, they follow desires like an animal – that is the foundation of Hinduism,” Mohammad Dar, 65, said in an interview with the San Antonio Express-News’ Madalyn Mendoza. “Monkeys don’t plan anything, they just do what they desire, but humans follow the limit and law.”

Officials with Dairy Queen responded to complaints about Dar’s restaurant calling this an “unfortunate action.” They said his actions, which they have condemned, are “not representative of our iconic family brand. We do not condone this behavior.”

Dar told Fox 26’s Natasha Geigel his sign which said “Obey preserve implement constitution of the U.S.A. ‘not’ monkey ism of dark ages,” was not mean to single out Hindus. He said he meant it for all organized religions.

Despite complaints from the Hindu community and for the Dairy Queen corporate office, Dar said he will not take down his signs.

Dairy Queen’s associate vice president of communications, Dean A. Peters, responded to an email from a “distinguished Hindu,” Rajan Zed, according to an article in the Punjab News Express.

The statement from Dairy Queen said, “A change of ownership is anticipated for this location sometime between now and the end of the month.” They pledged to work with all of the parties in the sale of the store to facilitate the closing of the sale as quickly as possible.

Zed is the president of the Universal Society of Hinduism did not feel the response from the DQ corporate office was adequate. He said the corporate chain of restaurants did not formally apologize for allowing these derogatory signs to be posted at a franchisee location.

He said DQ should not be in the business of belittling religions. He said the signs and posters that Dar posted in and around his DQ trivialized what he described as the oldest and third largest religion in the world. About one billion people adhere to the religion of Hinduism.

In addition to the complaints about the signs, this DQ’s Yelp listing reveals many complaints about the quality of the food and the cleanliness of the restaurant.

Kemah resident Troy K. wrote, “OK so for years I went here for my DQ fix but that is no more. It has gone down hill. Last time I was in there the floor was dirty with fries lying around and trash and food on the tables. Meanwhile the owner is just sitting there messing around on his lap top at a corner table. In general the place is in need or repair, cleaning, and repainting. I always feel like he is trying to short change me somehow(he is not going to remind you you get a free treat with your kids meal). They usually don’t have any of the treats like dilly bars since the freezer seems to be broken.The staff leaves a lot to be desired also. Do yourself a favor and drive over the Kemah bridge (enjoy the view) and go to the Seabrook DQ as it is much cleaner and friendlier.”

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Source: http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2016/03/28/muslim-dairy-queen-owner-in-texas-says-hindus-are-like-monkeys/