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15 Dec 2016

US Government Should Stop Supporting Likes of Compassion International, For True Partnership With Bharat


Many urban Hindus are big fans of the United States of America. If this 2015 Pew Survey is to be believed, seven-in-ten citizens of Bharat have a favorable opinion of the U.S, with college educated Bharatiyas (83%) much more likely than those with only a primary school education or less (61%) to have a positive view of America.

Like many things about the present day Hindu, ignorance has a large part to play in this unqualified love for USA.

The case of Compassion International, a US-based international NGO which ostensibly works for Child ‘Welfare’, and which has been denied FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulatory Act) license by Bharat’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), offers an interesting case study.

The entire case has been summarized by twitter user @zeneraalstuff in a series of tweets. To paraphrase the same –

  • The House Foreign Affairs Committee of US Congress (the bicameral legislature of the US federal government) recently held a hearing on why Compassion International was denied FCRA approval in Bharat. Compassion International (CI) was denied approval because it routes money through registered entities – Caruna Bal Vikas, Chennai and Compassion East International, Kolkata, to more than 500 non-registered entities across Bharat. Most of these entities are evangelical Christian in nature. This is in contravention of rules laid out in FCRA Act, 2010.
  • In March 2016, CI, was placed in the ‘Prior Permission’ category – which means every single remittance had first to be approved by MHA, GoI, before the recipient could receive it. In spite of this restriction, CI continued remitting money, blatantly flouting the law, through August 2016.
  • In September 2016, The Hindu newspaper put out a report claiming that US Secretary of State John Kerry bore upon GoI to take CI off ‘Prior Permission’. The report is a white lie simply because CI flouted Indian law and did not wait for intervention by US Secretary of State.
  • So, who are the witnesses summoned to testify in the US Congressional Hearing? A representative of CI itself, Human Rights Watch (an instrument of US State policy), and a certain Prof Irfan Nooruddin, who is ostensibly ‘neutral’. Who is Irfan Nooruddin? He is a Professor at Georgetown University, a Jesuit (Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order of religious men founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola which spreads Christianity in 112 nations) institution and occupies a chair funded by the Emir of Qatar, for studying Bharatiya politics. That’s right, a Professor at a Jesuit University, funded by a Sharia State, will get to weigh in on whether Bharat is correct to place certain restrictions on funding evangelism and conversions.

If this isn’t an attack on Bharat’s sovereignity, what is?

How can we be say that Compassion International is a Missionary Org?

Firstly, the majority of entities that CI was routing money to in Bharat were evangelical organizations carrying out conversions in the guise of welfare work. Time and again, we have seen how some Christian child ‘welfare’ orgs are engaged in downright criminality such as sexual abuse and exploitation of poor children – HinduPost has reported on few such cases from Andhra Pradesh, Western UP and Rajasthan.

Moreover, even though the CEO of Compassion International has denied any missionary agenda, their official twitter handle clearly states that CI is an ‘openly evangelical organisation.’

The 2012 US tax return filed by CI, again assiduously dug out by @zeneraalstuff, lets the cat out of the bag completely. In a section of the form titled ‘Part III Statement of Program Service Accomplishments’, the form asks some questions, and CI answers are as below –

  1. Briefly describe the organization’s mission:

In response to the Great Commission, Compassion International exists as an advocate for children, to release them from their spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty and to enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults.

In Christianity, the Great Commission is the instruction of the resurrected Jesus Christ to his disciples to spread his teachings to all the nations of the world. Also, CI aims to release Hindu children from ‘spiritual poverty’ and ‘enable’ them to become Christian adults.

4. Describe the organization’s program service accomplishments for each of its three largest program services, as measured by expenses

Compassion Core Programs – Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program (CDSP) connects impoverished children in the developing world with individual sponsors in developed nations who fund and participate in a holistic process of child nurture and care. Implemented through church-based child development centers, sponsored children are ushered into a systematic program of discipleship where they experience the benefits of being known, loved and protected. Child development outcomes are monitored in the areas of health practices and physical health; economic skill building and motivation; abilities in social interaction; and demonstrated commitment to the Lordship of Christ. Each outcome category has an attendant set of growth indicators. CDSP beneficiaries total 1,474,370 in 26 countries….

Compassion International exists as an advocate for children in poverty. It strategically raises the awareness of the needs, neglect, nurture, and potential of children in poverty and inspires and enables the Church to a greater involvement and effectiveness on their behalf. In developing nations where Compassion does not implement its holistic child development programs, Advocacy initiatives provide curriculum and training to churches and universities as well as convenes theological conferences on child development, and maintains a holistic child development website. In the developed world Compassion Advocacy mounts cause-based communications and provides resources to the Church to spur involvement on behalf of children.

Can any rational person still hold any doubts as to the true nature and intent of Compassion International? And let there be no doubts about the size of the challenge facing Hindus – CI is a global behemoth with a budget of ~ $700 million (as of 2012) – and Bharat is one of their focus areas for the soul harvesting business.

Why is the US Government so Worried about Compassion International Operations in Bharat?

This is the million dollar question, which all Hindus should be asking. Simply put, evangelical organizations and the Generic Church are instruments of US State Policy. As @zeneraalstuff explains –

US Foreign Affairs Committees and Federal Departments define policy towards nations based on data and analysis carried out over the years. One of the aspects is the status of Human Rights (HR) in each country. An aspect of HR is the vibrancy of civil society, aka NGOs and media. The Congressional Hearing for Compassion International is part of that assessment. In truth, organizations like Compassion International and the Generic Church are instruments of US State Policy.

This video ‘Secret Wars of the CIA John Stockwell’ explains how the US deep state works to destabilize developing nations.


The US itself is extremely cautious about allowing the use of foreign money in their country’s socio-political sphere. In the US, the FARA act requires all foreign agents, i.e., anyone receiving monies from outside the US, to disclose periodically who they receive money from, if they are to be allowed to participate in American public life –

Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) was enacted in 1938 and requires “persons acting as agents of foreign principals in a political or quasi-political capacity to make periodic public disclosure of their relationship with the foreign principal, as well as activities, receipts and disbursements in support of those activities.” The Act is a tool used by the U.S. government to evaluate potential propaganda and be aware of the lobbyists’ relationships.

Prosecutions under FARA are common – in 2012, an American citizen of Kashmiri origin Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai was sentenced to two years of imprisonment by a US court for concealing transfer of funding from Pakistan’s ISI in violation of FARA. Incidentally, Fai had been very active in organizing Bharat-bashing seminars in US where people like Dileep Padgaonkar, Rajinder Sachar, Angana Chaterjee, Kamal Mitra etc enjoyed his hospitality.

So why does the US expect Bharat to bend over and allow its own laws like FCRA Act 2010 to be broken? If US claims that Bharat is a trusted partner, then it needs to back up those words with action and stop supporting organizations like Compassion International which are carrying out cultural genocide of our civilization. Until US state policy keeps promoting evangelical Christian organizations cloaked as welfare orgs, Bharat and US can never be friends. We can only have a transactional relationship.

Hindus need to awaken and realize where our national and civilizational interests lie. The next time you see someone singing praises of USA or taking pride in being a ‘global citizen’, do remind him/her of these facts. There are no permanent friends or enemies in international relations – and there is no reason for Bharat to bow down to US tantrums.

The Modi Government has done well to tighten the screws on organizations like CI who were merrily abusing our laws all these years. But the fact is that so many of our institutions have been weakened over the years, that we remain susceptible to pressure from within and without.



17 Nov 2016

Not A Surprise! Hindus Are The Most Educated Religious Group In America

Think of American Hindus and what promptly comes to mind are the stupendous success stories of Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai, along with children acing national spelling bee competitions and science fests.

This stereotype is actually backed by data. A new study has found that out of some 30 religious groups in the US, Hindus are the most educated.

On an average, 27% for all US adults have a college degree. But for American Hindus, the figure is far higher at 77%. Hindus are also most likely to have a postgraduate degree, with 48% of having one.

Education and economic success is co-related, if not directly proportionate. So Hindus also enjoy high household incomes in the US, with 36% Hindu families having annual incomes of at least $100,000, lower only than Jews with 44%. Basically, Hindus are among the wealthiest communities in the US.

Now it’s quite an achievement for a community that has been in the US for just half-a-century and make up merely 0.7% of the population (2015 figures). (For perspective, 56% of Hindus are in the 30-49 age group, and 34% in the 18-29 category).

All these are findings of US-based Pew Research Center that surveyed 35,000 adults in the US in 2014.

View image on Twitter

American Hindus rock? They do perhaps, but here are some spoilers

The survey by Pew is the second in a row. It was last done in 2012 when, again, Hindu Americans topped the education list. But here’s the catch: The percentage of both college and PG graduates in the community has gone down in 2014 compared to 2012.

Two years ago, 85% of American Hindus were graduates and 57% were post-graduates.

Also, the survey has been criticised for its “narrow view” by none other than some American Hindu, like Vinay Lal, professor of Asian-American Studies at the University of California and author of the book ‘The Other Indians: Politics and Culture of South Asians in America’.

Hindus celebrating a festival at a temple in New York / Reuters

After the 2012 survey, he told Wall Street Journal that the findings presented a “comforting picture of the nature of the American immigration experience” and “masked the reality for thousands of Indian Americans who work in low paid and low skilled jobs in the country”.

He even accused Pew of only trying to glorify America in the whole affair. “The study is giving the broad parameters of this community and trying to show that this is the genius of America – that people can come here from anywhere in the world and they can achieve.”


Courtesy : World Hindu News.

10 Nov 2016

Hindu Congress of America Congratulates President Elect Donald J.Trump

November, 9th 2016

Houston, TX


Hindu Congress of America (HCA) would like to convey heartiest congratulations to President-elect Mr. Donald J. Trump on his win in the Presidential elections of 2016. We would also offer congratulations on equal note to Gov.Mike Pence who was on the ticket with Mr. Trump as his Vice-President.

It fills our hearts with immense joy to see Mr. Trump successfully win the Presidential race and bring to fruition our support to him. This win is a demonstration of the trust that the Hindu community of America invests in the leadership of Mr. Trump.

HCA hopes that Mr. Trump is successful in bringing together all the people and fulfils all the constructive work he has planned ahead during his tenure. We are fully confident about the abilities of Mr. Trump to guide the country into an era of unprecedented development, where the potential of this country is fully harnessed.

As well-wishers and supporters of Mr. Trump, we at the HCA would like to let Mr. Trump know that he shall always have our full support and co-operation in all future endeavors. We look forward for Mr. Trump and Gov.Pence to assume office in January and lead this great country on a path of progress, advancement and peace.

As Hindus in this great country, we would like to work together for the betterment of all Americans. We also pledge our co-operation in any cause that works towards fulfilling the aspirations and hopes of the American populace irrespective of any race, religion, sex or any other division.

As the 45th President of the USA, HCA would like to wish you the greatest possible success in your role as President of America and hope that you always follow the path of Dharma.

22 Oct 2016

Ivanka Trump to celebrate Diwali at Hindu temple in US

By: PTI | Washington | Published:October 22, 2016 8:44 pm

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s daughter will celebrate the Diwali festival at a Hindu temple in the crucial swing state of Virginia with the members of the Indian-American community, who have traditionally supported the Democratic party in the US polls. Ivanka Trump will celebrate Diwali with Indian-Americans during her visit to the Rajdhani Temple at Chantilly on Wednesday, campaign officials and community leaders said.

This is the first time a family member of one of the two top presidential candidates is visiting a Hindu temple.

Last week, Trump attended a charity event organised by Republican Hindu Council to raise funds for Kashmiri Pandits and Hindu victims of terrorism in Bangladesh. This was also the first time a presidential candidate attended an Indian-American event. It was attended by more than 5,000 people.

The visit of Ivanka, 34, a successful businesswoman and a key figure of the Trump campaign, to the Rajdhani Temple would “go a long way in breaking the stereotype,” that the campaign “represents only angry white voters,” said Rajesh Gooty, an Indian-American community leader in Virginia.

“This is a big positive for the community,” he said.

Inaugurated in 2000, the Rajdhani Temple is the oldest temple in Loudon County of Virginia, which has experienced the fastest growth of Indian-Americans in the past decade.

In addition to recognising the significant role the Indian-American community plays in the US and embracing its cultural and religious diversity, the Trump Campaign’s move to send Ivanka to a Hindu temple is seen as an effort to woo this ethnic community in the November 8 presidential election.

The results of the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections have shown that whoever wins Loudon County wins Virginia. The county in the past 16 years has seen significant growth of the Indian-American community, mainly on account of the emergence of an IT corridor near the Dulles Airport.

There were 1,200 Indian-Americans in 2000, which increased to 12,000 in 2010. The number is estimated to have jumped to 30,000 in 2016. The neighboring Fairfax County too has an estimated 20,000 strong Indian-American community members.

Indian-Americans have traditionally supported Democratic Party. But the Trump Campaign, which had withdrawn from the state several weeks ago, feel its latest move would help them penetrate the traditional vote bank of the Democratic party.


19 Oct 2016

Angela Kaaihue should apologize for Hindu-phobic comments

We the undersigned are launching this petition as a protest against Angela Kaaihue, who in the course of her campaign has made abhorrently Hindu-phobic remarks. Ms.Kaaihue is running for U.S. Congress from Hawaii’s 2nd District against Democrat incumbent Shri.Tulsi Gabbard. An overview of her bigotry can be gauged by her statement that “(A vote for Tulsi would be a), a vote for Satan, a vote for devil”.


16 Oct 2016

Trump energizes Hindu community at charity event in Edison

EDISON — Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump attended a charity event Saturday hosted by members of the Hindu community in Edison, where he praised India for helping to combat terrorism.

"We can't have prosperity without security, and that is why we appreciate the great friend India has been to the United States in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism," Trump said Saturday night while headlining a charity event held at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center.


06 Oct 2016

Not-your-typical Trump rally coming to Philly

Not-your-typical Trump rally coming to Philly

The founder of Black Men for Bernie and two Hindu activists are organizing an All American Rally for Trump in Philly.

There’s little love lost between Donald Trump and Philadelphia. The Republican nominee for president has been trashed by two mayors and was formally denounced by City Council.