For Hindu Political Empowerment, in and of the US
Wilmington, DE 19808

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Hindu Congress of America is an organization representing all Hindus in the U.S.


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Our Organizational Structure

Hindu Congress of America is structured based on functionally autonomous committees at national, state and local levels. The basic unit is the local committee that administers activities for all political activity. The National and State levels committees work on specific tasks.

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We Represent All Hindus
We represent all Hindus regardless of national origin, race, ethnic group, caste
Making Leaders
We catch them young and train them well for a future political role
Hindu Political Interest
We mobilize support based on Hindu political interest
Political Process
We proactively work for greater Hindu participation in politics
India's Interest is Hindu
India is Punyabhoomi for Hindus - its interest is Hindu interest
Do you want to be a part of the political process in the U.S.?

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